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Undulatus Asperatus

A mysterious stranger sent me this link yesterday. Celestial undulation and asperation oh my !

"bowed and rampent

but not you”

Billy Chyldish

Benjamin Zephaniah interview: To me it’s not about black, white, Asian; it’s about literature for everybody

Benjamin Zephaniah - “Fighting for justice, fighting for truth”.

Sia "Chandelier" with Maddie Ziegler & Allsion Holker on Dancing With The Stars

Holy shit.


A beautiful documentary, about so many things. Heroism. Villainy. Loneliness. Community. Fear. Hope. Hugs.

Just excellent work from Neil Berkeley & team, not to mention Harmon, Davis, McGathy, and Crittenden. Thank you.


Investigative journalism + top notch storytelling = bananas good podcast


A spooky recording you might perhaps maybe enjoy : “Dearest, though I suffer with the patience of Job, here the coast’s fringed with hermaphroditic seahorses … For a time, there was fish-for-brains in my bed”.

Let us celebrate Storm.

Let us celebrate Storm.

"I strongly suspect that our letters are being intercepted. The governments boast that goods are safe, but at the same time they invade privacy, the most precious of all things we have. They prohibit silent complaints, and they profane the sacred refuge which misfortunes look for in friendship’s breast".

Ugo Foscolo, Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis, transl. J.G.Nichols (Hesperus Press Ltd, London; 2002; first 1817).

Cumulus Congestus, Swelling Cumulus, Cumulonimbus.

Ice crystals & water droplets.

“You don’t read Gatsby, I said, to learn whether adultery is good or bad but to learn about how complicated issues such as adultery and fidelity and marriage are. A great novel heightens your senses and sensitivity to the complexities of life and of individuals, and prevents you from the self-righteousness that sees morality in fixed formulas about good and evil.”


Azar Nafisi, Reading Lolita in Tehran (via observando)

Ah, this book is always in my reading heart. Also recommended, Nafisi’s “Memories of a Prodigal Daughter”, Things I’ve Been Silent About.